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Moksha (sanskrit: mokṣa): liberation, emancipation, release from bondage, freedom.

Tantra: a system for awakening understanding beyond the limitations of normal cognitive thinking.

Moksha Tantra reconciles classical tantric spiritual practice with neo-tantra celebration of sacred sexuality. We are a Seattle-based community of women and men, exploring the practice of freedom.

The Practice of Freedom

Tantra is not a religion, it is a practice. Moksha Tantra is the practice of liberation.

Tools of Embodied Spirituality

Moksha Tantra reconciles classical tantric spiritual practice with neo-tantric teachings of embodied spirituality and sexuality. We unify "red" and "white" tantra; we encourage an ambidextrous exploration of the "left-hand" and "right-hand" paths.

Fundamental practices include the body-geometry of laya yoga and related asanas, pranayama techniques yielding control of breath and energy, meditation, mantra, yantra, mudra, and basic techniques of sacred sexuality. Advanced practices include traditional ritual, kirtan, deity yoga, pranic healing, and advanced practices utilizing sexual energy.

All Are Welcome

All religions, all gender identifications, all sexual orientations, all ethnic backgrounds, and all ages are welcome. (Some events are over 18 only.)

A core attribute of classical tantra is the throwing open of spirituality and spiritual teachings to all. This was perhaps a more radical stance in caste-conscious India, but it is also a central tenet of Moksha Tantra today.

Join Us

There is no membership or commitment required at any level of involvement. Many events are purely donation based. Learn More, attend one of our events (Weekend satsang is an easy way way to dip your toes into the waters!), or contact Matthias for more information.