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About Mokṣa Tantra

Moksha Tantra is the work of Matthias and Pandora Rose.

The journey began with neo-tantra and sacred sexuality: before ever hearing of tantra, Matthias and Pandora had experiences of intimacy together that neither had ever imagined possible. These were experiences in which self and other dissolved into a world of light, bliss, and sensation — and the presence of the divine.

Matthias Rose, 2015, © Mina Bast

Seeking to understand what was going on, they discovered the teachings of sacred sexuality and neo-tantra, which eventually led them to Charles Muir, Leah Alchin and the Source School of Tantra. At their first "beginners weekend" together, they knew that this was a body of teaching that they needed to understand more deeply, and eventually to share with the world. (Incidentally, they also got engaged this same weekend.)

Through the Source School and multiple retreats and intensives, Matthias and Pandora were eventually certified as Advanced Tantra Educators. They currently offer experiences as dakini and daka to the Seattle area.

Even as this training was unfolding, Matthias realized that there was a deeper tradition of tantra than any single school offered. The Origins of Tantra were rich with many lineages of spiritual teaching, and the sacred sexuality element commonly associated with tantra was but one thread of a very large and colorful tapestry of spiritual teaching.

In 2015 Matthias received a samaya-dīkshā initiation into Classical Śaiva Tantra through the Christopher Hareesh Wallis and the Mattamayura Institute, and remains engaged with that Kula.

Deepening his practice through ongoing personal study, incorporating both wide reading and intense personal practice, Matthias felt called to offer his own unification of classical practice and neo-tantric experience in the form of Moksha Tantra.