Notice from Moksha Tantra

On Wednesday, October 9, 2013, the thing that would become Moksha was born. It was nothing more than a meetup-group, then called "Holy Eros." Our first meetup was a discussion of energy at Caffe Vita on Capitol Hill. For just over five years, we went from an occasional conversation to regular meetings at Meridian Place Studio, to becoming a 501c3 organization and having our own space on Roosevelt Way. This has been a grand experiment.

For me, that experiment is coming to an end.

As of this announcement, the Moksha Tantra Center is closed.

It is time for me to enter a new phase of my personal journey: one of deeper healing, further spiritual work.

I am confident that Seattle will continue to be a lively place for those interested in the spiritual and practical benefits of Tantra, and that the friendships and community that formed around Moksha will continue in new ways.

With love,
November 4, 2018.