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Public events are usually offered through our meetup site, some private events require that you be on our email list to receive the invitation.

All events available through the meetup are suitable for first time visitors and have no expectations or assumptions of level of familiarity with any form of tantra, spiritual practice, or sacred sexuality.

Weekend Satsang

Satsang — "Gathering together for the truth." — Saturday mornings we gather for a time of teaching and practice, usually with a particular theme for the week. These are a core event of Mokṣa Tantra. All are welcome: you need no exposure to yoga, meditation, tantra, or any other spiritual practice to jump in. We begin with a brief introduction, and the time includes some stretching, teaching, meditation, and a gentle ritual of energy sharing. It's a great way to start off your weekend! Friday and Saturdays are on usually on the same topic with the same person presenting; rarely that may not be the case.

Each event has a fuller description on the meetup site, so click through for more information:

Wednesday Nights

Wednesday nights we alternate between "wisdom classes" (in-depth teaching), and "intermediate practice" (explorations of dimensions of tantric practice). The foundations class is recommended for these events, and occasionally required.

Wisdom Class: Mysticism of the Semi-Transcendent (July 26)
Tantric Philosophy outlines different ways of understanding and experiencing reality, including the reality beyond the ordinary, physical body we are familiar with, and which Tantric practice begins with. We will explore the teachings behind some of these layers of reality and how we can access them.

Don't forget July 8-9: Foundations of Tantra!