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Public events are usually offered through our meetup site, some private events require that you be on our email list to receive the invitation.

All events available through the meetup are suitable for first time visitors and have no expectations or assumptions of level of familiarity with any form of tantra, spiritual practice, or sacred sexuality.

Weekend Satsang

Satsang — "Gathering together for the truth." — Saturday mornings at 10am we gather for a time of teaching and practice, usually with a particular theme for the week. These are a core event of Mokṣa Tantra. All are welcome: you need no exposure to yoga, meditation, tantra, or any other spiritual practice to jump in. We begin with a brief introduction, and the time includes some stretching, teaching, meditation, and a gentle ritual of energy sharing. It's a great way to start off your weekend! Friday and Saturdays are on usually on the same topic with the same person presenting; rarely that may not be the case.

Learn more about what to expect at Satsang in general, but the links below (to our Facebook page) also have a description of the theme for each week.

Kirtan Evenings

Come sing with us! Join in the magical ritual of Kirtan, or devotional singing. All voices, songs and traditions are welcome. Grace leads this monthly night of chanting (bhajans) to different names and forms of the divine. Evenings are second Saturdays, from 7pm to 9pm.

Other Upcoming Events

Fri Oct 12 - Tantric Touch Meditation Puja
Amara brings back her heart-centered Puja. This has sold out in past years, so you will want to purchase your ticket early! Amara writes: "Come join us for a special kind of snuggle ceremony, where we hold each other close, fully clothed. We relax while we stay present and aware, and focus our awareness on various meditations on being together."
Tue Oct 8, 23, & Nov 6 - Secrets of Pompoir for Women
This three-part course is an introduction to the art of pompoir. Also known as kabazza, pompoir is a set of techniques that involve control and movement of the muscles around the yoni (vagina) to massage and manipulate the lingam (penis) during intercourse. Combined with the conscious, loving approach of Tantric union, pompoir provides an experience of connection between a man and a woman that is unparalleled in its power and sensuality.
Fri Oct 19 - Tantra Date Night: Nipplegasm!
Tantra Date Night returns with a whole evening devoted to the enjoyment of that aspect of human anatomy that is sometimes overlooked, sometimes taken for granted, sometimes abused, and often treated without the full conscious attention that can bring the greatest pleasure and open doors of intimacy for all partners. This event has extremely limited availability, so get your tickets asap!

Wednesday Night Tantra

Wednesday nights at 7PM, we have a regular class on tantric practice. These classes are the tantric equivalent of a yoga class. The emphasis on the doing, rather than the talking. The practices may include: pranayama (breathing practices), mantra, meditation, asana, visualization, and other fundamental techniques of embodied tantric practice. Many will also have two-person practices. You do not need a partner to attend.

This autumn we are doing a sequence of 3-part series exploring some of the tantric practices from the Tibetan Buddhist mast Lama Tsongkhapa. Each series is best experienced as a whole (discount tickets available from the event details), but drop in pricing for an individual evening is $20 at the door.

Sept 12-26: "Generation Stage Practices"
  • Sept 12: Purification Rituals
  • Sept 19: Taking Refuge
  • Sept 26: Embodying Divine Presence
Oct 10-24: "Inner Fire Meditation"
  • Oct 10: Vase Breathing
  • Oct 17: Tummo -- the Inner Fire, pt 1
  • Oct 24: Tummo -- the Inner Fire, pt 2
Oct 31-Nov 14: "Jnanamudra and Karmamudra"
  • Oct 31: Sexual Energy and Transformation
  • Nov 7: Jnanamudra
  • Nov 14: Karmamudra