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What to Expect

The most important thing to bring to any of our events is an open mind, and a readiness to open your heart.

Different kinds of events will have varying norms, but the Mokṣa Tantra community is an open-hearted group that welcomes all. All ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, political affiliations, religious backgrounds (including those with no religious background or interest). Some events must be age-restricted to 18+ only. Some events do have pre-requisites. Many events request a donation: in this case any amount is always welcome, but the requested donation (or more) helps us keep this all going. Some events have a specified, up-front cost: this is to defray expenses and ensure commitment. If you are particularly interested in an event that has a fee that you cannot afford, please contact us to make arrangements: we do have some scholarship funds available for a limited number of exceptions.

In general, Saturday Satsang is a time of teaching, white tantric practice, and energy sharing. You can expect a loving group that welcomes newcomers. If you came once two years ago, you are as welcome as any regular participant or any newcomer.

For all other events, from formal classes to informal workshops to community events, the event description here or on our meetup group should help you set any and all expectations.