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Foundations of Tantra

The foundations of Tantra class offers a comprehensive taste of the breadth and depth of Tantra from philosophy to spirituality to mysticism to metaphysics and includes all the practices needed to start your tantric journey. This is suitable for anyone interested in the sexual side of tantra, the spiritual path of tantra, or the liberation of their greatest capabilities.

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This weekend class provides a broad-spectrum introduction to the essence of Tantra, including:

Metaphysics includes tantric teachings on chakras, nadi, bandhas, granthis, tattvas, and other wisdom of human existence.

Practices include mantra, yantra, mudra, pranayama, asana, and a variety of tantric approaches to meditation, including sexual meditations.

Sexuality includes an overview of tantric teachings on sexual energy, human intimacy, and the inter-relationship of the sexual and the sacred. This class does not have in-class sexual activity.


Upon Successful Completion:

Those who successfully complete the series will be eligible for a samaya dīkṣā initiation into tantric practice. This initiation is non-sexual in nature, but is required for more advanced classes and events with Moksha Tantra. The samaya dīkṣā ritual is undertaken by those interesting in committing (without obligation) to exploring tantric practice more deeply. It is a "novice-level" initiation.

Those initiated into the Moksha Tantra family have access to red puja events and other intermediate teachings through Moksha.

Attendance is required at both days of the weekend to qualify for the initiation; and eligibility for the initiation (in accordance with classical tradition) is at the discretion of the teacher.



The fundamentals of Moksha Tantra are based on teachings of sexuality and sexual energy from contemporary tantra-yoga traditions, especially the teachings of Charles Muir, Daniel Odier, and Margot Anand; as well as on spiritual practices and teachings from the Saivic tradition; with additional wisdom and practices from Vajrayana (tantric) buddhism, western sexual mysticism, and contemporary wisdom teachings from Adyashanti, Byron Katie, Christopher Wallis, Eckhart Tolle, Marshall Rosenberg, and Mike Snider.



What is the purpose of this class?
Of course, we want to make it possible for people to ground their lives in a rich and robust practice of tantra, with both head-knowledge and hands-on experience, finding the ways and paths that work best with your life...

... BUT! ... more than anything this is directed toward forming a true community of free and loving beings. Even if you have been previously exposed to deep teachings of tantra, in our lineages or others, we invite you to join in this journey with an open heart, ready to connect with the others of this nascent community.
Will this series teach tantric sexuality?
Yes: but only within the context of tantra as an approach to all of life. The full range of tantric teachings will be introduced, with a solid grounding in everything essential to beginning your commitment to tantric exploration -- which includes tantric sexual practices.
Will there be sexual touch or contact in this class?
No. Lingam massage and yoni massage are beyond the scope of this class, but this series will be a pre-requisite for those interested in taking hands-on classes on these and other sexual tantric practices. We will directly map tantric practices, teachings and techniques to sexual application.
What does this class cover?
We will cover at least knowledge and practice of the following:
  • Subtle physiology:
    • Chakras
    • Nadi
    • Bindu
    • Body layers
    • Energy circulation
  • Practices
    • Meditation
    • Mantra
    • Asana
    • Yantra
    • Bandha
    • Mudra
    • Everyday consciousness/awareness expanding practices
  • Approaches to living
    • Dinachharya
    • Changing your environment, altar-building
    • Observing disciplines
    • Consent & Respect
    • Effective communication
  • History
  • Philosophy & Wisdom
    • Non-dual philosophy
    • 9-Stage view of awakening
    • Relationship to religious backgrounds