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Tantric Initiation

Samaya Dīkṣā: This is the "novice level" initation into tantric practice. When you undertake a samaya dīkṣā you are under no expectation or obligation to live any particular lifestyle, or even to develop a specific tantric practice. But you are commiting to explore the liberation that tantra can offer and see if it is for you. Members of Moksha Tantra who wish to participate in advanced classes and rituals must first successfully undertake the requirements for and receive a samaya dīkṣā

The primary requirement for the initiation is our Foundations of Tantra, which brings a structured approach to the philosophy, history, wisdom, and practice of Tantra, and will include both teaching and experiential elements.

The value of initiation (above and beyond the material in the foundations class) is the shared experience of joining a community of women and men interested in supporting and nourishing each other through a common path of truth, love, and liberation.

Initiations beyond the novice level are envisioned, but not yet authorized.