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What is Puja?

Puja: "The ritual act of showing reverence to God, Spirit, or another aspect of the divine."

In Moksha Tantra, our primary form of puja is to celebrate the divine in each other. We close each Satsang with a small puja ritual, and sometimes we hold celebratory puja's on other occasions.

Traditional puja rituals typically involve invocation, prayer and mantra to a deity before an altar. Our puja ritual, however, is derived from exercises and rituals common in neo-tantric lineages.

We form two rings: an inner facing out and an outer facing in. Different forms and variations may follow, but in all cases, each person spends some time with other people in the puja circle undertaking different micro-rituals of honoring the divine in each other, of exchanging energy with each other, of offering healing and love to each other, and of connecting to each other. All rituals and activities at any stage are wholly optional: you don't need a reason. If a ritual does not feel right for you, for any reason, your partner will respect that — and likewise you will respect any partner's choice.

In Satsang (and most other occasions) our puja rituals are fully clothes on, and involve no intimate touch.

Rather, this is a time to drop into yourself, to bring your best self to the others in the circle. To expand and open with love.