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Saturday Satsang

Satsang: "A gathering together for the truth," or: "being with the truth," or: "a spiritual discoure," or: "a sacred gathering."

Satuday Mornings, 10am

Everyone is welcome at our weekly gathering. You don't need to know anything at all about Tantra. You don't need to believe in any spiritual principles or follow any spiritual paths, or hold to some particular religion, or any religion at all. Satsang is for those who are curious. But similarly, you can be a tantric practitioner of any level. You can be a spiritual seeker in any tradition — our weekly gathering will have something to offer you.

Typical Satsang:

Occasionally Asked Questions

What is a "Satsang"?

In tantra, a satsang is a gathering of spiritual people for the purpose of sharing practice and wisdom. And this is exactly what we do. Saturday Satsang brings different themes and topics, usually presented by Matthias, with all discussion welcome and invited. The themes and topics generally touch on aspects of sacred sexuality and the embodied spirituality of classical and neo-tantra. Sometimes we branch into Christian sexual mysticism and the relevant teachings of other traditions, as well as the nuances of non-dual spiritual experience.

Who is this for?

Our satsang is suitable for beginning and experienced tantric practitioners interested in the full range of tantric teaching, including meditation, breath, visualization, yoga, diet, philosophy, and sexuality.

Satsang is open to absolutely everyone regardless of gender, ethnic background, levels of fitness, sexual orientation, and religious or spiritual framework. No experience is assumed. Drop in visits are welcome.

If you have an airborn-communicable illness, please wait until you are better and do not share! We love your energy, we don't want your cold.

Do I need to have a partner for tantra?

No! Singles are welcome and encouraged at this event.

Is this a dating event? A singles event? A way to meet prospective lovers?

Saturday morning tantra is not a hookup event, and is not structured as a dating experience. But you never know where you might meet your soul mate...

Is Tantra actually friendly to all genders and sexual orientations?

A key principle in Tantra is the polarity of masculine and feminine energy. However, each of us has masculine and feminine energies within us, and there is no assumption that the dominant energy coincides with biological gender.

Although the contact between students is non-intimate at the satsang, everyone will share energy and some contact with all genders, on most occasions.

The teachings of tantra are applicable to any expression of human sexuality.

All sexual orientations are welcomed and honored as legitimate pathways to the divine.

I just want to learn about sex, is this a good place to go?

Tantra, even tantric sexuality, is about more than just sex. Although there is no sex or sexual activity in satsang, we do relate each theme to both the whole of tantric spiritual practice and the path of spiritual sexuality. This is not specifically a sex education class, but applying the principles of tantra to your sexuality will undoubtedly expand and improve your sexual experience.

Are there rules?

Even without sexual activity, this can be energetically intimate work. We expect everyone to be extremely respectful and compassionate towards each other at all times. This may seem like a fuzzy area, but we have a zero tolerance policy for any words or actions that do not fully respect the other.

How to prepare?

Dress comfortably, as if for yoga class.

Bring a cushion or zafu, if you can -- especially if the event seems to be more crowded.

Please don't wear any strong perfumes or aromas! Help out our scent-sensitive members!

What to expect!

The experiential exploration portion may include energetic and physical interaction with other students. All exercises are optional. You are never asked or expected to do anything you are not comfortable with, or with a person you are not comfortable with. Still, tantra is an adventurous path so within this framework, be prepared for anything!

Do I have to go every week?

Of course not.

I'm running late, can I still show up?

We ask that everyone do their best to arrive on time. But if you are running late, please don't turn around! Join us at any time.

Is there any "prerequisite"?

No. Satsang is always open to all.

Is this a yoga class?

No, although "body geometry" portion of satsang is a gentle form of postural yoga.

Is this a meditation class?

Partially, but it includes a variety of meditations, including sensual and embodied meditations.

How much does it cost?

Satsang is offered on a "dana" basis. Your gift of any amount to help sustain the instructor and cover costs of the event is welcome. We offer the guidance of $20 to help cover costs and sustain the teacher. Gifts of greater amounts are always welcome and help extend and expand this project.