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Male sexuality is often oversimplified: "Men are easy." Of course, this is not true for all men, but even men with perfectly satisfying sex lives often miss out on the full possibility of human sexuality. Gaining mastery over our sexual energy, our physiological response, and the limbic system opens new worlds of sexual experience. Not just more, longer, or better... fundamentally different, even mystical experiences become possible.

This course emphasizes the dramatic transformation in men's sexual experience that comes with mastering ejaculatory choice: more pleasure, deeper intimacy, and new experiences. In-class teaching and at-home practices set men on the path to true sexual mastery.

The class is usually offered in a four-evening format. We emphasize various techniques of ejaculatory control, including the isolation of the pubococcygeus muscle, the use of energy in yourself and your partner, mindful attention to pleasure, conscious touch, sexual technique, pressure point technique, and more. The format in class will combine teaching, sharing, and discussion.

The tantric approaches introduced will:

Additional topics relating to men's sexual experience may include:

A limited number of hardship discount tickets are available for this series. As always, these are available on a first-come, first serve basis, and we trust your judgement. The patron rate tickets come with a one-hour private coaching session with Matthias, or can be used as a $150 discount toward a hands-on dakini session with Pandora.

Tickets for the May 2017 offering of this class are available here.